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Lion King Collar

£20.00 £33.50

We love this collection of beautiful handmade collars made from vintage fabrics. This piece features a vintage blanket from tribal West Africa. It was hand stamped, dyed, woven, and worn by the skilled craftsman of the Bambara or Akan tribe. This collection is one-of-a-kind and has been reincarnated with love and quality in Los Angeles.

All of these collars are slip-collars, however they have the addition of adjustable sliders, this means that the maximum tightness of the collar can be set while still using your collar as a martingale so your pup can't slip out when on the lead.

Matching lead available here.

The collar should be a close fit over your pups head and hang comfortably around the neck. When fitted properly the collar will not slip off your pup whether they are on a lead or not.

To ensure you order the right size, measure around the widest part of your dogs head and neck. The size you order will need to fit over that measurement. (So if your pups head is 12.5" inches around, order a 13.5" collar. If his neck is 22" and his head is 19", order a 23" collar.)

Extra Small - 12inch
Small - 13inch
Small/Medium - 15inch
Medium - 17inch
Medium/Large - 19inch
Large - 19inch

Please note that due to the nature of the vintage material used the colour will fade over time.

Shipping: UK Standard £3 | Europe + International Standard £6 

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